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Pathway to Licence and learn to drive


First; Before you can start to drive, you must have a current Australian License, learners permit, or current overseas license.

You must be at least 16 yrs of age to obtain a learners permit, before you can start to drive

Step 2

If you do not have a valid licence , you must attend any licensing center and sit a computerized questionnaire, comprising of 30 questions , pass mark is 24.

Practice at this link  '' https;// "

Once you obtain your learners permit ,you will recieve a LOGBOOK and you may commence practical driving in either a manual or automatic vehicle. Record all driving sessions of more than 10 mins in your logbook.

If  you are 25 years of age or more , The LOG BOOK is Not required

Step  3

Practical Driving Test  (PDA)

Before you can attempt the practical driving test, you must be at least 17 years of age and completed a minimum  50 hrs of supervised driving recorded in your logbook,with a minimum 5 hrs night driving and having the logbook correctly completed. ( 50hrs and logbook not required if  25 yrs of age or more)

All  LEARNERS must also complete a "Hazard Perception Test" at any licence center, which can be done after you have held your learners permit for at least 6mths

And most importantly "Be very proficient" with your driving skills, including driving the car, traffic awareness, hazard perception, road rule interpretations, and maintaining the correct flow with traffic.

To book a practical driving test, you may either attend a licensing center , call Dept of Transport 13 11 56,

or book online , link  -

Step 4

After  passing the PDA you will be issued with a driving licence , 

Step 5

Last important steps to remember, 

1.  Everyone will always make mistakes , so always be aware and drive with care.

2.  Don't stop learning